Pair your practice with another one in Syria

pair with a colleague

We get this question quite often : now that the situation in Syria is complicated , what can i do as a dentist as something that i am good at ?

the answer is simple : keep on doing what are good at and be a dentist inside Syria ! how is that possible , simply by pairing your dental practice with one that is actually helping inside ..

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Here is what you have to do :

Short Summary

Ever suffered from dental pain ? yourself or one of your family ? were you ever worried that this pain would never go away ?

Well , for some , receiving oral care is not an available option. in Syria, and while the war is consuming everything , and many people are trying their best to cover many many basic needs , dental care is often forgotten or being removed from the priority list.  Well for us .. it is our only one.

this project aims to provide necessary and vital free of charge , pain-relief dental care services to vulnerable people in Syria , including mainly children. 

besides treating teeth decays , we also run oral education campaigns among children at schools, explain how to brush teeth and provide oral care kits. this is particularly important to promote prevention in the first place.

What we need & what you get

in order for us to provide more 10,000 free dental treatment , we will need to collect 50,000 USD. the average cost per dental treatment is 5 USD.

We will also provide oral education campaigns for the schools in the areas where our clinics are working , and educate 1,000 child. this also costs 3 USD per children, but the more children we have , lesser is the cost. 

for us to be able to do so , we will count on your help to support our fundraising campaign. this is the first time that we are using fundraising platforms , and we have designed all materials by ourselves, 

as explained in the photo , depending on the amount of money donated , we can do many things ! every help matters , a simple 3 USD is enough to teach a child to brush his/her teeth properly , an extra 2 USD would let us treat a decay that he/she might has.


we will provide feedback will all of our implemented activities , in forms of reports , photos , and videos.  keep up with us on our fund-raising platform , our website , and social media out-lets , you are also welcome to email us for specific information and requirements , customised support as mentioned in the infographe


Contact white Smile

Reach to us to discuss about some details , what community clinic you would prefer to twin with ,  what would be your  contribution and who , and for how long , and other details 


Setting communicatons with your paired dentist

Over Skype , White Smile will link you with the operating dentist directly and with our clinics manager. communication would allow to build trust and examine what is happining in live in the clinic


White Smile facilitation

Your contribution will arrive to white smile , which is return will use it to cover the clinic costs ( dental materials , salaries , supplies , electricity , maintenance .) the average cost for a ruining clinic with one dentist and one dental assistant is 1,500 USD/month , and it will provide an average 500 treatement session.


Manage your practice !

As a paired clinic , you will not only receive typical documentation with bills and receipts , you will be directly able to access dental records just like these are your patients , you can discuss treatment options with your colleague and interact , you will have access to the clinic supplies reserve , simply you will treat it just like a clinic of yours ! 

Why does this matter ?

Being a dentist in Syria is not always an obligation , many of our colleagues are staying there to help with their own will , because they believe they can make a change , therefore , White Smile consider this way of support is the at-most act of solidarity with those who are working for the cause ,  imagine with us who owesome and sustainable would be if we were able to link 30 dental clinic in Syria with other clinics around the world , this will simply mean that dentists have teamed up to provide dental relief together.. and the act itself is priceless  

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