Get involved

 You can help You can help Syrians affected by the crisis. Donate to White Smile's programs on the ground, advocate for humanitarian relief in Syria, volunteer on a White Smile dental mission – Make difference today!

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Support the work of White Smile. White Smile is proud to support dental workers and dental clinics inside Syria , while also providing awareness sessions in both Syria and Turkey, Learn more about our programs today.



Join one of our  dental missions. or join our dental advisory board. also , you can become a representative for White Smile in you country Learn more about volunteering  with White smile today.


Attend/Host Events

Every event, no matter how small, contributes to helping Syrians affected by the conflict. If you would like to host an event to raise awareness about the humanitarian crisis in Syria, or to collect donations for White Smile, please contact 

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Stay connected

One of the best ways to stay updated about our work is to follow White Smile in social media. White Smile regularly updates Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube about upcoming events, appearances in the news media, viewpoints on the crisis, and news from Syria. Also be sure to join our e-newsletter mailing list for the most critical updates and action alerts.